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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Spring is here.

Well, springs, actually.

I ordered up a NOS set of factory rear springs from SASCO to replace the old, flat, tired ones in the Lark, and they arrived last night. 45 pounds of 45-year-old metal, waiting for me on the porch when I came home from dinner. The UPS man must had had fun with these!

Problem is, I ordered HD (heavy-duty) springs, and SASCO shipped me standard-duty springs. The difference? HD springs have 5 leaves; SD springs, only 4. I'm deciding whether to keep them or send them back, pending advice from the SDC Forum guys.

Update: After calling SASCO, Denise told me that they were out of the HD springs. These are standard-duty, so will replace what I have no problem. Hey, still 1/4 the price of new units from Eaton Detroit!

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