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Friday, January 05, 2007

Boy, am I wired!

Yeah, it's been a bit quiet here at Studebaker Acres lately, but the Christmas holidays tend to drive out any effort or thought not devoted to them and their activities. Now that the holidays are past, I can get back to some Stude-related activities.

I've been accumulating parts - a new water pump from Fairborn Studebaker, brake parts from Studebaker International, other odds 'n ends off eBay.

But back in early Fall I found a bunch of wiring weirdness with the Lark (see Dash It All for details) that convinced me a new wiring harness was needed. After all, it's nice when your headlights and taillights all work! And a heater would be nice, too...

On the advice of the guys in the Studebaker Drivers Club Forums, I contacted Studebakers West in Redwood City, California. I told them the year and model of my Lark, and after answering some quick questions about options, they told me they'd call me when it was done - in about 8 weeks.

In reality, it was more like 14 weeks. I got a call in the middle of December telling me that my harness was ready. (It takes a while because SW makes their harnesses by hand, on demand. Some of the more popular models are on the shelf, but my Standard was a bit of a weird-oh, so it took longer.)

I got the front and back harnesses done - the entire car, really - and it cost just over $400. Three days after the phone call, I had a box at my door with a fresh wiring harness!

Problem is, I realized that I had no idea what all those wires connected to. I'd been using the diagrams graciously posted at Chuck Collins' website, but found the black-and-white JPEG a bit hard to read. So I decided I would redraw the diagram in Illustrator and color the connections to boot.

The results are pretty good, as seen in the thumbnail above. This diagram is for 1963- 1964 Lark-types only, but you can download an 11x17" PDF version for free if you like, suitable for printing at Kinko's. That's the COLOR version; a redrawn black-and-white version is available here if you'd rather have that.

If these are useful for you, drop a line and let me know!

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