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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rebuild in progress.

Well, the Lark's engine is now in Three Rivers, California, at Ken Pyle's place for rebuilding. I and my brother-in-law, Dave, drove up from San Diego on Friday (with a pit stop in Visalia at Bob Kabchef's, a/k/a Mr. Biggs) to drop it off. The trip was mostly uneventful; weather was good, we got an early start and beat most of the traffic through LA on the way up... coming back was another matter. Traffic was miserable from the moment we hit the LA County line until the moment we crossed into Orange County. Took us a good two hours just to get through LA, most of it in Burbank where traffic wasn't even stop-and-go... it was just stop.

But the engine is now in Ken's capable hands and I should know within a week exactly what it's going to need. I'm crossing my fingers :)

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