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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Heater progress...

Well, parts are coming out of the electrolyte bath now. The top half of the blower case shined up so pretty I almost wanted to shoot it with clear and keep it like that! But it received a coat of primer and a couple coats of gloss black before drying in the sun all day, as did the blower impeller. Now the back half is in the soup.

The radiator shop told me that the core leaked like a sieve when they tried to pressure test it (no duh - I know what the inside of the blower case looked like!). They're scaring up a new core for it.

I also went down to Ace hardware this afternoon to scare up some new fasteners. Every single one was rusty, right down to the quarter-inch 6-32s that hold the blower case together. (Well, there were only two 6-32s... the rest were assorted pan-head wood screws. Sheesh.)

Tomorrow I'm going to try to take apart the air box and replace the long-gone rubber flaps that sealed the air diverters. Stand by for pics.

Sure does feel good to get something done!

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