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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Great customer service.

Got a call this afternoon from Studebaker International, the big repro & NOS parts house owned by Ed Reynolds, the outgoing president of the SDC. A few days ago I'd ordered some miscellaneous heater bits, plus a new set of window fuzzies and U-channel for the front doors - the stuff that's in there is so far gone, it's hip, Daddy-O!

So Tom from SI informs me that UPS called him to say that they package they'd shipped me was damaged in transit, but that they were sending it to me anyway. He told me to take a careful inventory of missing or damaged parts when it arrived, and to call him back and tell him what they needed to re-send me!

My job entails some interaction with technical support and customer service, and I am acutely aware of how important it is to keep the client happy. Proactive stuff like this goes a long way. They didn't have to call me; they could have just let me receive my stuff and then call them up with a mournful tone in my voice. But now I know what to expect and, more importantly, know that they'll fix the problem ASAP.

My hat's off to Ed and the good folks at SI. It's good to deal with people who care.



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