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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lube me, baby.

I've gotten the parts I needed to rebuild the driver's side window regulator in my Studebaker, and will post the proceedure here soon as I take the pix. In the meantime, I searched the SDC tech forum to find out what to lubricate the regulator with, and found this (kudos to Rockne10 for the info):

When we change the oil and lubricate on a regular schedule, we often neglect the non-drivetrain moving parts. Lubricating door, hood and trunk hinges and latches should be an annual event. Use Door-Ease on striker plates and hood and trunk latches; graphite in window channels and lithium on window regulators and window lift tracks.

Solder Seal makes white lithium grease in a 10-oz. spray can, my preferred method of application. a few spritzes of this in the gears of my salvaged '63 Cruiser regulator, and she's loosened up beautifully - the riser spring is so strong it almost wants to launch into the "up" position without assistance. Can't wait to get it in the door so I can feel like I've actually accomplished something on this car (that does happen sometimes, right?).



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