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Saturday, September 09, 2006

It's here!

I've been eBaying for partz for the Lark (my wife has named it Barney, because of the vintage dealer plate frame that proclaims "Barney's Lark/Hawk, Escondido CA") and I found a good used driver's side window regulator for $55 from a seller in, of all places, Detroit. This is a good price, because these parts are long out of production, and rebuilt units go for $185 from the Stude parts houses.

What happens is that the tension spring on these regulators breaks, making it impossible to keep the window in any position but full down. Trying to roll it up will result in a "whoosh/thump!" as the window immediately rushes to the bottom of the track and smacks the stop. On ours, the PO rigged one of his daughter's hair bungees to bind the window crank to the door latch handle, keeping it in the "up" position - ingenious, no?

So I found one on eBay, bid on it and... watched it get sniped. I vowed that the next one would be mine, and it is - and for less than that first one went for, too! Looking forward to getting this put in. I'll post pix of the process.


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