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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wired together.

Messing with an old car inevitably leads one to a need for a good wiring diagram. While reprints of factory service and parts manuals are easily and affordably available for my Lark (and many other Studes), I found that the wiring diagram in the manual left a bit to be desired. The diagram (often with callouts hand-lettered) is on a page by itself, while the color chart is on a separate page along with fuse ratings etc. I thought this was a tad inconvenient and went about finding another source.

The folks at have graciously posted an entire gallery worth of wiring diagrams, for everything from the 1936 model year right up to the end in 1966, and I found the one posted for my Lark better than the factory diagram. Not only that, they're JPEGs and easily printable, so you're not lugging an 800-page book with you into the garage ;)

Speaking of manuals, if you're a fan of classic cars (which I assume you are if you're reading this blog!) check out The Old Car Manual Project. Not only do they have an archive of owner's manuals and even some repair manuals, they have a huge selection of vintage showroom brochures for domestic and foreign cars; everything from AMC to Zil. And they're always looking for additions; got some old brochures? Scan 'em and send 'em in.



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