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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lark emergency brake clevis rod source.

I've been reconstructing my emergency brake system (the PO cut off the rear cables and completely removed the adjusting rod and equalizer), and had a hard time finding the clevis rod that attaches the adjusting arm to the bellcrank.

The manual specifies a 5/8" diameter rod, 1/2" long. I tried NAPA, all major autoparts chains, even went to a local fastener manufacturer - no joy. Turns out that 1/2" diameter is a more common size in cars; everyone I went to had the 5/8" rod in universal 2" lengths, and since this is a brake part, I didn't want to just cut off one of these.

Finally, an internet search turned up the fact that 5/8" clevis rods are common in marine applications. I still couldn't find a 1/2" long rod, but did find a 9/16".

Maybe this stuff is easier found in more agricultural parts of the country, but out here on the west coast - good luck!

Here's the link for anyone who finds it useful.

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