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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Woot! That was easy!

Followup to yesterday's post regarding the headlights not working: Fixed that! After studying the wiring schematic last night, I determined that the only place in which the problem could reside lay in the vicinity of the headlamp circuit breaker. So, this morning, I lay down in the floor (again) with the flashlight in my mouth (again) and, within 30 seconds, found a loose feed wire to the breaker! Apparently, all my rooting around with the ignition switch yesterday had caused the (already somewhat loose) barrel connector to slip free of the breaker stud. 2 minutes later, the wire was reconnected, the switch mounted in the dash, and Barney was idling placidly in the driveway.

Ah... one in the "win" column :)

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