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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dang it!

Had some time yesterday so got to do a little work on Barney. First up was changing out the old gas filler hose in the trunk, which was letting fumes into the passenger compartment. That went well, so I tackled another project: putting in a new headlamp switch and ignition switch.

I changed out the headlamp switch first and tested it; headlamps worked! Awesome! Then I swapped out the old ignition switch for a new replacement from SI. Put it all back into the dash, turned the key - car fired right up. Yay! Tested the headlights - no lights. Boo.

I had to go to church so didn't have time to figure out what was wrong, and just disconnected the battery for the night. Looking at the wiring diagram, I think either the headlamp breaker opened or... well, that's really the only thing I can figure. I'll have some time this AM, so it's back to laying on my back in the floor again :)

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