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Friday, July 11, 2008

1963 Lark Vent Seals still available!

A while back, after looking through the Studebaker International catalog, I was grousing about vent window rubber for 1963 Larks not being available. I guess it's understandable, since the '63 Lark was a one-year body style from the cowl to the backglass; Brooks Stevens freshened the '59 - '62 sheet metal to make the greenhouse crisper.

Anyhow, on a whim I poked the part number in on the SASCO website and lo! They were in stock! That's right - original factory rubber parts for '63 Larks. Needless to say, I snapped 'em up, since Barney's original weatherstrips are, shall we say, a bit used.

Bottom line: if you have a '63, get a set while you can - who knows how many Dennis has left in his stash. Here's the particulars:

  • 1353340 Weatherstrip, Left
  • 1353341 Weatherstrip, Right

Price at this writing is under $30 each, a bargain if you ask me.
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