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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My girl...

I know this isn't Studebaker related, but indulge me please.

On Sunday morning, my Sydney passed away from liver cancer. Surgery five days prior found she was riddled with it... she'd shown no symptoms, even though the vet figured she'd had it for months. We hoped she'd recover enough to be with us for a few more weeks at least, but her liver failed a couple of days post-op. With her breathing coming harder all the time, refusing to eat and finally even to drink, I drove her to the animal ER at 2AM on 10/7 and let her go.

Syd was a wonderful, gentle, loving girl, and we miss her terribly. We saved her from the pound, so each day was precious to her. I've been carrying her collar in my pocket for days. We were blessed by her love for just five years, and I thank God for every minute.


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