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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Good 'n Greasy.

What's better than a woman who likes Studebakers? A woman who isn't afraid to get under the hood and wrench on a Studebaker! Meet Los Angeles' Kristin Martin, who goes by the moniker "Grease Girl". She's filled her blog with all sorts of photos, stories and "how-tos" centered around her 1955 Studebaker Commander, pictured above. It's a fun read, and there are plenty of pics and videos as she gets in, around and under her car, and also visits various classic car-related venues and activities around SoCal.

Remember, the future of our hobby is out there - we just have to figure out a way to recruit them! Grease Girl and others like her go a long way toward showing the young'uns that an old car can be a lot of fun. Check out her site and drop her a note of thanks if you like what you see.



  • Clark-
    Thanks so much for mentioning lil 'ol me! Studebaker pals are the best! I love your blog...great tech info you've put up while working on Barney.
    Happy Trails!
    -Kristin (aka "GreaseGirl")

    By Anonymous Kristin Martin, at 1:17 PM  

  • Kristin, thanks for dropping by! Love your car and your writing. Keep that bad boy hummin'!

    By Blogger Clark, at 9:03 AM  

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