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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday funday.

I got a little bit more work done today. Tried to fix the fuel leak I talked about in the last post, but the pipe godz were not smiling. I removed the pipe and reinstalled it several times, fiddled with the angle of the brass elbow, but everytime I cranked it over, gas began to dribble out of the joint where the pipe exits the nut. (At the current price of gas, I figure I spilled about $4.52 onto the concrete.)

So I moved to another small project (that means: I gave up for a while) - making the heater work. When I got the car, the heater was bypassed, and for good reason: the control valve is corroded half-open. With the heater hooked up, you literally couldn't shut it off! Plus, the tubes from the heater plenum that go to the defogger vents were just done. The original tubes were made of cloth with a spiral wire inside; someone had wrapped them in duct tape just to keep them together. Over time, the duct tape remained while the cloth rotted and the wire rusted! So I got those pulled off and replaced with some new rubber/plastic spiral tubing from Studebaker International, and I pulled out the old Ranco heater valve, green and ugly with corrosion. At some point I'm also going to have to drop the blower motor/heater core assembly to remove the rat's nest built on top of it and have the core pressure-checked.



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