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Friday, March 12, 2010

Just killin' time...

Not much going on here lately. This time of the year is very busy for me, as my job takes a lot of preparation for a major trade show that happens each spring. Also, it's been raining every weekend, so every time I plan to take a Saturday to go out and futz with the car... you guessed it.

But I did get some Studebaker time today. Had a lot of errands to run and since it was sunny, I took Barney out for a bunch of round-town stops. He ran really well, kept his cool in the stop-n-go, and all in all everything was great. Got some attention and quite a few smiles at Costco when I stopped in to fill up (gas mileage up, from 9.5 to 10.59! I really wonder if the engine wouldn't be happier with a 2bbl carb; the WCFB may just be too much for it).

Part of the trip had him on the freeway for a good 5 miles. I hadn't logged more than a mile on the freeway before this, and I was surprised at how quiet the car was cruising at 65, even with the driver's window halfway down! There was a little bit of shimmy in the steering at 65 mph, though, which (since the front end has been totally rebuilt and aligned) I think may be attributable to the steering gearbox I haven't yet had time to adjust.

Later, I went down to Ace Hardware after dinner for a couple of repair items for the house, and the headlights managed to stay on both ways, regardless of the wonky switch.

All in all, a fun day on the road!

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