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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Out on a Mission.

It was a beautiful day today in SoCal, so I took Barney out for a few minutes in the sunshine. We live a few miles from the Mission San Luis Rey, so we tooled down the road and parked out front for a few iPhotos. San Luis Rey will be familiar to fans of Disney's old Zorro TV show, as many scenes were shot at the church.


Barney is running really well right now. There are a few things that need attention, of course - the ignition switch wants replaced (it doesn't send current to the Accessory bus when the car is running unless you jiggle the key), the heater still isn't hooked up, and the factory-style steering wheel awaits installation... but it's sure fun to drive.

Even with all the little stuff, it's sure fun to be out on the road with him, and every now and then to get a double-take from a car guy who knows what he's looking at :)

Here's hoping the weather clears up this nicely wherever you are reading this from!

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