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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Roger Ebert in praise of the Golden Hawk.

I remember reading this excellent post by movie critic Roger Ebert a couple of years ago, but thanks to Bob Palma on the SDC Forum, it's come back to my attention.

Roger is an excellent writer, of course, and in this article for the Chicago Sun-Times, he postulates quite convincingly that the Golden Hawk of 1957-1958 was truly the iconic American car of the time. "In my opinion, the mourner of Miss American Pie drove a Studebaker. It's simply that "Chevy" was an easier rhyme," he writes, and I quite concur.

It's a great read - take a few moments and check it out here.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Freeway flyer.

I had Barney out today for the longest trip away from home since his return to operation last Thanksgiving! My wife was working and my son had the day off from school. A few of his buds invited him to go bowling, so I hopped on the freeway and made the trip.

OK, I know that a 25-mile round trip is not too exciting, but really - this was Barney's first extended freeway time, and he performed admirably. I stayed in the slow lane and kept it pegged on 65; he did what was expected and we made it there and back with no fuss at all.

The transmission is still maladjusted, however, and needs attention. SDC transmission expert John Metzker has told me that the governor valve needs to be removed and cleaned - Barney doesn't like to downshift when the trans is cold, and when he's hot and shifting properly, you can hear the servos buzzing loudly during the shift. I really need to get over to my trans guy, Kurt, and have the stuff done... along with all the other things I have to do.

But it was a gorgeous day, the driving was great, and I couldn't have wished for a better trip.

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Marking time

Not a lot going on lately with Barney. With Winter here, he's undercover at night, so taking him out for a drive means removing the bungees (10 attachment points on 3 cords), rolling up the cover and stowing it. Not a lot of trouble I guess, but it takes time, and even though I work from home, it's still work :)

I did get him out on the road yesterday for a fast out-and-back, but all the stuff I need to do - get the new rear springs in, get the windshield seal replaced, get the trans serviced, adjust the valves, mount the new steering wheel - wow, that's a lot! is still waiting to happen. Just need time and money, and this time of year both of those are in short supply.