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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Front End Rebuild, Pt. 3

Taking a short break from disassembling the passenger's side front suspension, and thought I'd post an update. (I'm taking breaks this time since last week I really morked my back.)

So far, so good; the shock, hub, brake and backing plate assembly are all off and I'm scraping dirt off the components; got about a pound out so far! Tons of grime and mud build-up on this car.

I tried to drive out that lower-kingpin-support-to-lower-outer-pin key while the A-arms are still assembled, but it doesn't want to budge. I'm going to have to have them both pressed out, I'm afraid.

I ordered new Gabriel gas shocks from Autozone on Tuesday and they arrived yesterday. The rears are in a FedEx box direct from the plant in Ohio! Guess they didn't have Studebaker shocks sitting in the regional warehouse :) I thought about ordering them online, but would've had to pay for shipping, so went to the local store instead. Hey, a buck is a buck! And this car is costing me enough of them...

More update later.

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