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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One-of-a-kind Studebakers on

Hemmings, who publish arguably the best old-car magazines in the business, have a blog online with lots of cool stuff ( One of my favorite things are the entries where they post selected articles from the old Special Interest Autos (Now Hemmings Classic Car).

A post by Matt Burnette (MBStude on the SDC Forum) alerted me to the presence of these, and there's a treasure trove of interesting old articles, several on unique Studebaker and Packard dream cars and prototypes. The beauty in the photo that heads this post, for instance, is a 1943 styling study for the proposed postware Champion, which was conceived as a rear-engine, air-cooled car! You can see foreshadowing of the 1950-1951 Stude grille "spinner", as well as the greenhouse design that would later grace Land Cruiser models.

There are posts on the fabled Studebaker Graveyard inside the South Bend Proving Grounds, and photos of some of the cars found there. There is a great article on Studebaker 1950's styling mockups. And there's also a great piece on Packard dream cars. Here are the links:




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