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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Got ahead of myself.

I got a little bit ahead of myself today. Had a few moments to spare and thought I'd install the new/used factory ignition switch I had re-keyed. Got under the dash and realized: hey! I have to re-wire the entire car anyway! Why the hell am I messing with an ignition switch?

But while I was under there I found that one of the terminals on the generic switch that was in there was rusted. How does that happen? Well, there's other rust under there. The steering wheel firewall collar is rusted, as is some of the dash framing.

Now, the windshield has a non-standard stainless molding over the stock rubber gasket. And there's new windlace between the windshield and dash. This all leads me to believe that there was a cowl leak at one time. And there's your rust.

Oh, see that bundle of crappy wiring in the photo? That's one reason I have to rewire the car. None of that should be like that. And I found out why my high-beams won't switch on: there's no wiring running to the floor switch. At all. Gone. Dunno where.



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