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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Drivin' on the Coast.

Today, Barney took his longest drive yet away from home a 36-mile round-trip down coast to Solana Beach and back. It was a beautiful day, and we did some mixed driving - about half of the trip on the freeway, the rest along the 101 Highway. The drive was awesome - no problems of any kind, Barney easily kept up with freeway traffic (at one point hitting 75 to pass some tractor-trailer rigs) and just generally having a blast. He's in fine fettle and I'd feel no qualms about taking this car just about anywhere. Maybe La Palma on May 27th? Anyway, here's some pics from today's trip. Enjoy!

Today's route...
On I-5 heading South towards Leucadia
Along the Coast Highway in Cardiff-By-The-Sea
Coming back... looking north along 101 in Solana Beach. This is one of my favorite views along the coast.
North into Encinitas on the 101.
Spring wildflowers... just because I wanted to.

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