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Monday, October 03, 2011

The wheels keep on a-turnin.

A couple of weeks ago, a longtime SDC Forum member from Riverside, California offered some items from his shed. Among these items were about 10 years worth of Turning Wheels magazines, dating back as far as 1979. I won't use his name, because I'm sure he'd be embarrassed by the attention, but here's the story. He and his wife had neighbors who were Studebaker lovers too. They collected cars, parts and whatnot for years, and then the old fella passed on. His widow held on to all the Stude stuff for a long time, but finally it was too much for her, and when Alzheimer's set in, his wife helped the widow while he volunteered to help match the cars and parts with new homes.

Most of the pieces went to new homes pretty quickly, but after another year or so, he found that he still had some things left to clear out - sheet metal, engines, glass and the Turning Wheels. I can't read enough about Studebakers, so Reed and I went up to claim the magazines over the weekend. I got the nickel tour of his place, full of parts and cool machinery, as well as a lovely '62 Lark Deluxe 2-door sedan with just over 50,000 miles!

Meeting this Forum member just drove home the point of how kind and caring StudeFolks are. Truly, I haven't met one yet that wasn't, but this guy is truly a prince. It was my pleasure to meet him, and I hope we get to hang out again sometime. And now, I have a trunk full of magazines to read :)

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