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Monday, June 15, 2009

Almost there...

Had some time between dinner and sundown so went out and proceeded to yank the old carburetor and put the "new" one on the manifold. I also put in the new NOS hard fuel pipe from SASCO; we'll see if it leaks or not (the first one I got leaked like a sieve. Probably a bad flare).

Tomorrow morning I'll head over to NAPA for one small bit - the vacuum nipple that mounts on the front of the carb base and actuates the distributor advance. I was able to get the old one off the old carb, but it's so crusty I didn't want it on my nice new one .

Hopefully tomorrow I can sneak a few minutes from work and fire it up.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

New carburetor!

Look what the UPS man dropped off today - a beautiful "new" Carter WCFB carburetor, courtesy of Bob Stone, the Carb Doctor. It's so beautiful I almost feel bad bolting it to the car!

The 2219 that's on Barney right now came from a 1955 President V8 with a manual transmission. It's pretty crusty, and I haven't been able to make the car stay running at low idle, due to the lousy springs and nasty fuel gum buildup all over the unit. So when this 2214 came up on eBay, I jumped on it. WCFB 2214s are specified for cars with automatic transmission, and since Barney has a Flight-O-Matic, this carb ought to give a little better performance (aside from the fact that it's in much fresher condition).

I'm going to try to swap out the carb tomorrow, as well as install the new fuel pipe I got from SASCO. I'd love to get it lit and ticking before I leave town.

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